This Holiday Season Give Gifts that Build Family Time

In what has been an unforgettable year, it’s hard to believe that the end of the year is near and with it, the holiday season is almost upon us. Countless families this year have been trying to find creative ways to make just about everything work: remote learning work, spending-more-days-in-than-out-work, and making career and child care shifts work. And now that the holidays are near, giving gifts that will work for multiple purposes.

This year perhaps more than any other year, families find themselves actively trying to make the most of all the simple moments spent at home together. Family game nights have taken a new level of importance as has imagination. Whether it's been finding ways to connect with loved ones through fun indoor-based games or hosting Zoom birthday parties, people everywhere are finding themselves looking to their families and homes for creative ways to build uplifting moments and experiences. Experiences that can help build positive memories for children and adults growing up in very tumultuous times.

Which is why this holiday season, when thinking about what sorts of gifts to buy, if atop your mind is buying gifts that will work for your new indoor-based reality, you’re not the only one. A recent report found that because of Covid-19 restrictions nearly 7 in 10 people said they are planning to shift some of their spending from services to retail products. Experts believe that people will spend more money on things that can be used at home such as home decor, desk accessories, comfortable clothing, and fitness equipment. For kids tech and STEAM based toys are on the rise. For me and many other parents this means investing in gifts that will last, inspire, connect, and serve multiple purposes. 

Arckit Mini Modern Colors 2.0 features fun, durable, to scale materials that are easy to build with and can be used multiple times. 

The building process is a calm and welcome escape from the stressors of the real world. A time where you can be inspired to envision beautiful possibilities for when the world opens up again. You can bring together family and friends and chat about what your ideal home would be, challenge each other to build iconic structures around the world, or just let your imagination run wild. 

Not only can you build dream houses and spaces to scale, but there are multiple learning opportunities embedded into Arckit, which make it both a toy and a tool. There is even a Little Architect kit specifically designed for 4-9 year olds. Now that so many children are doing remote learning, Arckit is a great model to get kids to build their neighbourhoods or favourite spaces. I can imagine using Google maps to virtually explore the community and launching into various inquiry based projects.

There is something amazingly powerful about sitting down to create something piece-by-piece and then seeing it come to life, especially with a child. Whether it’s creating the home of their dreams, their community, or an imaginary land the time spent building opens the door for multiple avenues to connect and inspire. I love that this is also a gift that can serve multiple purposes and can be reused for many different projects for kids from 4 to 92. 
For my holiday list this year I’m opting for gifts that facilitate more quality family time: more time to create, more time to connect, and more time to imagine. 

Click here to see Arckit's amazing collection of Architectural model building kits available to delivery in time for this Holiday Season.