How to Build a Haunted House With Arckit

How about building your own haunted house or even Halloween Village with Arckit?! Sounds fun, right? 

You will need: 

  • Arckit set (excluding Cityscape and Little Architect) 
  • Printer 
  • Scissors (adult supervision required) 
  • Paper glue (optional) 
  • Blank adhesive sheet (optional) 

Step 1. Build your model

Visit our 'How to Build' page here and get inspired with lots of building ideas. We’re using one of the building ideas from Arckit Mini Dormer 2.0. Feel free to explore your own design ideas with your Arckit components or simply follow the steps in the video below to build your house. 

Step 2. Print Off the Spooky Arckitexture Set

Click here to download your spooky sticker set, it's FREE. Ideally, you can print off the PDF on a blank adhesive paper sheet (available for purchase here), or you can print off a normal sheet and stick the pieces on your model using paper glue. Print as many pages as you need to cover all the walls and roofs of your building. We’re just using one sheet to cover the sample design below. 

Download now

Step 3. Cut out and Stick

Once you’ve printed off the Arckitextures, very carefully cut the parts (parent supervison or help required for children) following the dotted lines while also removing the white spaces as shown. You will notice that some of the purple walls were created to cover 2 walls at the same time, such as the broken windows, so bear that in mind when placing them on your building. ;-) 

Time to dress up your model. Peel off the protection from the sticker paper or as mentioned above, use paper glue to stick the textures. Follow your imagination to place the textures wherever you want. 

Step 4. Finish Up and Share!

Once finished, why not grab other sooky accessories and decorations you have and create a Halloween scene with your Spooky Arckit model. We would be thrilled to see your creations so feel free to share them with the world. Send a picture via email ( and/or tag us on yours Social Media channels using @arckitmodel or #arckit and have a chance to win an 'Arckit spooky surprise'. 

Happy Halloween!