Arckit Summer Camp Wrap!

Where do we start? To say that our first ever Arckit Summer Camps were a resounding success would be an understatement. It was such a joyous experience for us to witness the sheer enthusiasm, eagerness to learn and incredible talent that Arckit Academy brought out in each and every child throughout the duration of our camps.

We always believed that through architecture, children could be thought in a whole new, meaningful and accelerated way. The outcomes of our camps have put beyond doubt that ‘Empowering Minds Through Architecture’ as a revolutionary method of learning, should be accessible to children everywhere, such are its profoundly positive educational and life skills benefits.

From the very outset and through to the last day, children were excited, engaged and highly motivated, subconsciously absorbing and retaining boundless knowledge through a ‘hands-on & learning by doing’ approach.  

In only 5 short days, they comprehended 'scale measurement' which enabled them to design, drawing & building their ideas with ease and precision. They were introduced to developing a business, creating a sales & marketing plan and designing a premises for their venture. They learned about the environment & sustainability and they integrated this knowledge into their individual building designs and their urban team projects. Beyond this, they gained in confidence by communicating and collaborate with one another, problem solving and ultimately presenting their concepts in front of an audience. 

With education in rapid transformation, Arckit Academy and our curriculum based lesson plans have been developed to align with today’s new education standards and to inspire the next generation.

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