Arckit in Top STEAM Toys on US TV

Check out Arckit on US TV showcased by toy expert Jennifer Lynch as one of The Toy Association’s top STEAM Accredited toys. 

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When we first introduced Arckit to the toy world, it was a disruptor in the industry where the word STEM was virtually non-existent. They were curious and intrigued as to what it was. Was it a toy? Was it a tool? Was it for children? Was it for adults? Was it for boys or girls? They couldn’t put their finger on it. Arckit was and remains all of the above, a ‘hands-on’ building platform for thinking freely, exploring spontaneously and subconsciously learning while playing.

I developed it not to copy any other product but to offer a completely alternative method for users of all ages to bring their own ideas to life over and over again while making real architectural design accessible to everyone. Arckit in a sense, democratizes Architecture.

Today STEAM takes front and centre stage within the toy industry and I’m proud to say that Arckit was the first company ever to receive the STEAM Accredited Seal of Approval by the Toy Association and Good Play Guide.