Meet our New and ‘BEST EVER’ Collection

A quote that has stuck with me most about Arckit was by a booth neighbour the day we first showcased a prototype model of Arckit at Nuremberg Toy fair in 2013. Gauss pondered a while at the model I had made before looking up and saying, “your model appears relatively simple, yet I see many miracles inside”. Without ever seeing it before, he understood Arckit as I myself knew it to be, an evolutionary architectural model building platform for endless exploration. (Damien Murtagh - Founder CEO)

Arckit continues to evolve as a ’Next Level’  product offering within the toy, gift, hobby and education sectors while becoming increasingly recognised as The ‘Sophisticated Building Block’ platform for a whole new generation of creators.

Today sees the release of our entire new collection of ‘open-ended’ kits for budding architects as young as 5 years through to adult designers, hobbyists and teachers. Fun, education and freedom to explore without limits are at the very heart of Arckit’s new and enhanced series of kits which have just received The 1st ever Official STEAM Accreditation Seal of Approval by The Toy Association of America and Dr Amanda Gummer’s Good Play Guide™.

Each kit is packed with a host of Arckit’s unique ‘click and connect’ components that enable more enhanced and larger building possibilities then ever before. They also include Accessories Sets with bespoke cardboard pop-out assets to bring storytelling, scenery and scale to your architectural creations as well as reusable Arckitexture Decals to continually transform the facades of your structures.  

In Arckit’s commitment to helping improve the environment, all our new kits contain zero plastic packaging and instead use compostable and biodegradable material made from potato starch together with reusable storage boxes. 

We are also releasing several new wall components to further advance our platform’s capabilities which you’ll find in some of the new kits as well as individually online at Worth noting that all Arckit sets and components are compatible with one another. 

See new collection here.