Arckit is already becoming popular as a physical model for architectural design for New Homes

Arckit is already becoming popular as a physical model for architectural design, especially with individuals who are designing new homes or planning extensions. Large residential companies and leading architectural practices are also beginning to take an active interest in Arckit as they recognise the wider potential for themselves and their clients.

What if Arckit was given to homebuyers as a design tool when buying their new home?

National housing companies such as Barratt, Potton, Taylor Wimpey and Persimmon are constructing thousands of affordable and high quality new homes every year. Many of these companies already offer homebuyers the chance to add personal touches to their homes and choose features and fittings such as tiles, flooring, kitchens, appliances and lighting – what if Arckit can take home design for new developments one step further and be used for improving the design of new housing?

Housing building companies usually invite prospective homebuyers to a show home where they are shown drawings and images, and offered a premium service to consult with a RIBA chartered architect for structural design. But many people find it difficult to understand architectural drawings and struggle to see what their home will look like when finished. Arckit can be used as an invaluable showroom tool for physically explaining the design features of new homes.

Arckit’s components and scale make it perfect for designing timber frame, modular and block construction homes.

Building design doesn’t need to be limited to the showroom. Arckit can be used for improving the design of new housing by giving model kits to new homebuyers to take away with them and physically discover the scale and design options for their new home before discussing with the architect and housing company. After all, homes should be designed around a family’s lifestyle and circumstances, and one size doesn’t fit all!

Arckit Digital makes it possible to replicate your physical models using SketchUp 3D Warehouse.

Arckit can also be used as a fantastic discussion tool for exploring what it would look like if you added a home office, extended the kitchen or upgraded to include a summer room. Arckit’s 1:48 scale and panelled components make it perfect for designing timber frame homes, and Arckit Digital allows architects to professionally replicate physical models using 3D SketchUp.

This new architectural design approach to model making completely removes the difficulties associated with traditional methods, and so allowing everyone to quickly and easily communicate their ideas and fully participate in the design process. This has NEVER been possible before.

New home buyers are given a different size Arckit to suit their budget.

Arckit comes in three different floor plan sizes so homebuyers can be given different kits to suit their budget. For example, Arckit 240m² enables you to build up to 240m to scale. Each kit size contains a certain number of components, so floor areas could potentially be pre-marked to show plot restrictions. Arckit could be given to new homebuyers along with information and advice on building design and regulations. The possibilities are endless.

When it comes to adding the finishing touches, Arckit’s library of real building materials and textures allow people to apply detailed finishes to their models including roof tiles, stone, metal, wood and brick finishes – even grass and water!

Imagine how a partnership between Arckit and national housing companies would completely transform the experience of designing and building a new home. If you would like to see Arckit in action then we will be at The London Home building & Renovation Show from the 26 – 28 September 2014. Come along and see what’s possible!

If you are a housing company or architecture firm and would like to enquire about how Arckit can simplify and improve your design process then please contact us.