Christmas is now less than four weeks away!

Christmas is now less than four weeks away and everyone is busy preparing for the season’s festivities, family celebrations and the frantic search for ideal Christmas gifts!

Arckit On Sale in Harrods

What better place to visit for shopping than Harrods? London’s most famous luxury department store welcomes up to 300,000 customers every day, looking for the latest high-end presents. So we are delighted to announce that Harrods has chosen to stock Arckit in time for Christmas, complete with an in-store display of Arckit models.

If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for budding architects, interior designers or creative minds – in fact, anyone from architects to hobbyists and children – then Arckit really is a unique present. As well as being a scaled model system that is fast and easy to build with, it’s also re-usable so you can make unlimited structures.

Arckit at the Ideal Homes Christmas Show 2014

We had a fantastic response from visitors at the Ideal Homes Christmas Show 2014, showing once again that Arckit appeals to people of all ages. It was interesting to see children using the model system to create their own designs – some of which resembled outer space objects or abstract shapes as well as detailed structures!

As well as being fun there are also many educational benefits to using Arckit, especially for developing the fundamental skills that make a good architect. The scaled components include a comprehensive repertoire of building materials that can be used to construct detailed and realistic physical models of contemporary designs.

These can be finished with Arckitexture, allowing detailed building material textures to be printed to self-adhesive sheets and applied to finished models – anything from wood flooring, terracotta tiles, stone walls, and shingle aluminium. The scale is also compatible with some of your favourite building toys and other model products such as vehicles, figurines and furniture.

Architects are already using Arckit

Many architects are already using Arckit to create working models, as the design process continues to evolve from drawings to digital design and now to physical design. Arckit Digital allows users to recreate Arckit designs using SketchUp versions of Arckit components, making this system ideal for the next generation of architects.

So why not visit Harrods and see for yourself? As well as getting wrapped up in the magic of Christmas at London’s most famous department store, you will also have the chance to see our incredible finished Arckit models on display and take away a wonderful and unique present carefully wrapped in an iconic green Harrods bag!

Order Online for Christmas

If you can’t make it to London this Christmas then Arckit is available to buy online from the Arckit website here with FREE worldwide shipping.