Empowering Minds Through Architecture!

What an uplifting week we’ve just experienced. We completed our first ever Arckit Summer Camp with a mix of boys and girls aged between 8 and 13 years old. Again, ‘blown away’ are the only words that could best describe what we witnessed throughout the fun filled 5 days.

From the moment the young students arrived, right through to the final day, they were excited, eager to learn and totally engaged. 

Each 4 hour day flew by with the children grasping subjects with ease and growing in confidence with every session. Parents told us that their child was really loving the camp and couldn’t wait for the next day to come. 

Some parents expressed a genuine gratitude, because in Arckit they finally found a subject that had engaged their child like nothing they’ve experienced before and feel that if it was taught in their school, it would be transformative for their child. 

The distinct feeling I got from the whole experience was that it felt more like a typical week in an architectural practice, only with ‘little architects’, than merely a children’s summer camp. The conversations, the debating, the collaboration between teachers and students and more importantly, between the students themselves, was real and profound. Whether it was discussing the dimensions of their apartment, the sustainable design elements of their eco house in the desert or the brief for their 'city of the future', they valued each others' opinions equally and age was irrelevant. 

On the final day, these future visionaries had to make a presentation to their parents and in front of all the other parents too. As part of Arckit Academy, we want to help equip young minds with an array of skill sets, including public speaking, which will only benefit them in future. They prepared diligently beforehand, writing notes, asking questions and doing a test run. Just fabulous to see.

It reminded me of my uni days and the dread of having to stand up and speak. I only wished that I had the same experience they were having at such an early age.  

The projects they designed, collaborated on and showcased, were simply beyond their years and their individual presentations were very proud moments for both parents and students. This is Arckit Academy! It opens up so many possibilities and opportunities. It accelerates learning, exhilarates students and builds confidence. If you can absorb all of this in just one week, imagine what you could learn in a school year with Arckit Academy. 

If you are interested in Arckit Academy for your school, after school workshops or maker space, we’d love to hear from you. Please email us at info@arckit.com.