Barnes & Noble Now Stocking Arckit

We are thrilled to announce that Barnes & Noble, the largest bookstore retailer in the world, are now stocking Arckit in the US. Following their major launch of Lego Architecture Studio back in 2013, the prestigious retailer was searching for the next big thing in the model world. Arckit has attracted huge press attention since winning the Red Dot Award 2015, so we were eager to show them our latest products.

Is Arckit the same as Lego Architecture Studio?

No. The Times recently described Arckit as ‘the new Minecraft’ and others have referred to it as ‘sophisticated Lego’. But in reality Arckit is very different from Lego Architecture Studio and any other model system out there. Barnes & Noble immediately grasped the benefits of Arckit as both an educational tool and as a fun model system for aspiring architects to explore the basic principles of design.

The great thing about Arckit is that you can build realistic scaled models of your very own architectural visions or even structures that inspire you and you can add realistic detail such as building material patterns and textures – then you can take it all apart and build something completely different. It’s a freeform system that uses no glue, so the only limit to what you can build is your imagination.

As a professional tool, it’s also more practical and advanced than most architectural model systems. Arckit components are based on modern building techniques and – with additional component packs sold separately – models can be endlessly extended. Arckit’s unique panel system enables users to study exterior form as well as to really get inside structures and explore the internal space in a way that is much more true to life than with traditional building blocks.

So why are we so excited about being listed in Barnes & Noble?

We are extremely proud to be listed in the high-end toy department of such a renowned retailer. Barnes & Noble have many bookstores across the US, so the idea that Arckit will reach even more future architects and designers is very exciting for us. And it’s just in time for the launch of our Arckit GO starter set, which retails for only $69.99 and is available at

We’ll keep you posted …


To celebrate our Barnes & Noble launch we’re giving away FIVE Arckit Go kits for the best tweets and follows this month (June 2015). Simply Tweet the person you would love to share Arckit.