Arckit at The Dublin Steiner School

We recently had an amazing afternoon with our introductory workshop in the heart of The Liberties at the Dublin Steiner School.

The oohs and aahs when the students got first sight of Arckit was heartening to say the least. Shana and I talked about Arckit, architecture and scale, before the children got eagerly started on their sustainable town build.

As usual, the aspiring creators got to grips with the Arckit components right away and discussions ensued with one another throughout their build. In under an hour they finished their task and presented their urban layouts.

The genuine enthusiasm and excitement expressed by the young students regarding the possibility of Arckit becoming an integral part of their classroom was gratifying to see and hear.

Thank you Dublin Steiner School and Principal Jayne for giving us the opportunity to bring Arckit Academy into your classroom.